RACS serves meals to seniors 60+ five days a week in our 300 Anza Street dining room. Meals are authentic Russian prepared by Executive Chef Vladimir Krilov. For reservations please call (415) 387-5336 prior day. For groups of 6-12 we can provide a private dining room. Suggested donation is $2 for seniors and $6 for non-seniors.

RACS delivers Fresh & Hot meals to frail home-bound seniors 5 days, with a double pack for weekends. We use a special hot & cold truck to keep the meal temperatures safe and delicious.

RACS delivers meals to Younger Disabled Adults, a program we initiated in four counties- Placer, Nevada, San Francisco, and Marin. YDA’s can be disabled for many reasons from Multiple Sclerosis, to amputees, to other ailments. Institute on Aging (415) 750-4150 provides intakes and evaluations for this program.

  • RACS San Francisco Meals programs are primarily funded by SF Office on the Aging, Older Americans Act.
  • RACS Charities is the fund raising arm to fill funding gaps.
  • RACS Protection of the Most Holy Virgin Fund provides assistance to schools, churches, monasteries, and orphanages in Russia. Entirely donor borne.
  • RACS Protection Fund II provides help with various missions in Siberia. Entirely donor borne.
  • RACS Saint Olga’s Home provides low cost senior housing in the heart of San Francisco, ten units.

RACS - a 501c3 Non Profit organization established in 1977 and has the experience of over TWO MILLION SENIOR MEALS SERVED AND DELIVERED. RACS is short for Russian American Community Services Association of San Francisco, Inc. Federal Tax ID # 94-2515360.


Since 2006 RACS has funded  the St Andrew Mission, Teplohod, travelling Siberian River Ob and stopping at a village a day for 17 days each Aug 14- 31. In this period with the work of five clergy and 12 medical doctors 6,233 have been baptized and over 46,000 qualified medical screenings. 
This year RACS is also sponsoring a parallel land mission that will the poorest and most remote villages on Kazakhstani border.
Please support this effort to Baptize 1,000 more persons


Sponsor a priest + family for this Great Lent
Exploring Siberia we discovered a newly carved Diocese of Karasusk & Ordinsk. On the southern edge of Siberia, bordering Kazakhstan. OUr RACS envoy will survey the diocese and provide a report to all soon. Your donations will go 100% to food. The envoy is sponsored by RACSED.  Fifteen places of worship, fifteen priests, receiving a salary of $120 month each. We want to deliver to each priest $140 in groceries- we will buy wholesale through our connections, and through Big Box stores where we get better deals than the prices in far flung- remote villages. We will also do a survey of the priests and their living conditions as part of this project. Donate to the St Andrew's Mission
We ask $140 to sponsor one priest, or $70 for 1/2 share, or any amount- every $5 helps

http://www.racssf.org/index.php/donate  St Andrews Mission

Year - End 2015 - USA
RACS served 100,000 meals in San Francisco  -2015
RACS serves daily Meals on Wheels to over 60 Russian American seniors
and to  *Every disabled Russian American in San Francisco 18-59 years old**
We need help in funding these meals 


 Village- Mission accomplished
Village of Kuritichi, population 1,000, salaries are in the $100 a month range.- they managed to build a cute church but it has no heater. $2,300 was provided by RACS donors and the heater is now installed- photo below

St. John's Orphanage- Ukraine 
managed by sister Olga Ochkurova
A project in Ukraine. Twenty orphans and disabled seniors depend on our support for their existence. A worthwhile cause in the midst of a social catastrophe. The Big News is the orphanage just received Ukraine government recognition - however our sponsorship is still much needed.


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