Mission statement


RACS was founded in 1977 as a Community Center for needs of socially, culturally and linguistically isolated Russian Seniors. Started as a “Soup kitchen” organization developed over the years into significant support center with Congregate Meals program for Seniors and Adults with Disabilities, Home Delivered Meals program, Home Delivered Grocery program and as an “umbrella” to all of them – Community Services Program. For Several decades RACS became the well-known place where Russian Speaking Seniors and Adults with disabilities in need can find food and help in various difficult situations.

Russian food, cooked onsite from scratch by our academy trained chief, entices clients of all races but especially attractive to our target clientele - Russian Seniors. It is a great convenience for the clients when the Community Services are combined with Congregate Meals Program.




Russian American Community Services was established as an Ethnic Community Center in November 1977 by the enthusiastic Ladies Auxiliary led by Alexandra M. Glazunova. A group of friends provided food, help and social services, to the elderly newcomers, assisting them in assimilating to a new life in a new country.

 From humble beginnings as a borsch kitchen in 1977…

 ….to a thriving San Francisco Meal Provider and much more.



Our operations, which include Congregate Meals, Home Delivered Meals, Home Delivered Groceries and Community Services, are partially funded by San Francisco Human Services Agency through the Office on the Aging. Charitable Projects in San Francisco and abroad are entirely sponsored by private donations.

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From a visiting daughter: “My sister and I live on the East Coast. Mom’s roots are here in SF. RACS makes all the difference in her lifestyle. The provision of daily transportation to the site for the excellent meals, the activities including live music performances, the opportunity to socialize with other seniors in a comfortable seating, and having someone to share photos and stories of grandchildren….

We are appreciative that we have a daily live connection to Mom, that when she is under the weather, a fresh and hot meal will be delivered, and she has someone to contact with concerns that we are too remote to deal with effectively….. Thank you, RACS!” T.M.