Charitable Projects 

 St. Andrew the First Called Mission - Boat (Teplokhod)

 RACS annual project since 2006 in Novosibirsk region, Russia. Mission team provides medical services and spiritual attention in remote Siberian villages.

Over 51,000 medical screenings by 12 medical doctors in remote Siberian villages from 2006 to 2019

Over 8,000 baptized in that period

Memorial Cross

for our fallen brethren

during the retreat of 1919-1920

Lugansk Orphanage - Boarding School

RACS is rejuvenating an orphanage- boarding school Perevelsk Internat. From a disastrous state brought on by fratricidal warfare since 2014, the children lives are enhanced.

Our involvement began by providing daily milk to 187 children, then 160 pairs shoes, blankets, towels, plates and bowls, and so forth. 

We are addressing the needs of the buildings with window, door, floor repairs. We are equipping the kitchen. 

The costs of milk is 50,000 rubles monthly, about $700. Please help.

  "Steep Hill" - "Krutaya Gorka"

     district in Omsk, Siberia

Supporting Fr. Antony in his project -Mercy Home. Caring community works with disabled children in several orphanages. Now the Home on the church grounds is ready to house disabled young people.